Frequently Asked Questions

How are your websites different from the ones offered by web design companies?

There is no difference. We use open source platforms and code languages to create our client’s websites.

How are your websites better than Go Daddy’s, Wix’s, Squarespace’s or Shopify’s ecommerce solution?

The main difference between website builders such as GoDaddy, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and others, is that they created their own platform and coded it their own way.

This means they can’t offer flexibility and can’t be customized more than what their editor allows. This limits the potential of the websites created in those platforms.

In our case, we use programming languages and platforms known to every designer and programmer, and we give you the versatility to modify your website in any way you want. If by some reason you decide to use your own programmer, or migrate your website to other company, you’ll be able to do it without issues.

Is there a minimum period to buy your website?

No, you can either choose to have it for 1 month or any period. We don’t have contracts or a minimum period to use our service.

Is the website mine?

Yes! Starting with the domain name, is registered with your own information. We create the website for your use and is completely yours.

If the website is mine, I can migrate it to another company if I want to?

Of course! The only restriction is that you’ll be able to migrate your website to an external provider if you payed for the yearly plan, or, after 12 months of consecutively paying the service.

Can you help me migrate all my services into your company?

Definitely. We’ll need access to your accounts to do it, but we totally can help.

What kind of websites can you make?

Any kind of website. The websites included in your plans are basically informative, meaning we can use it to display text, images, videos. If you require an specific functionality, we can use plugins or extensions that already exist. The only thing not included is the custom development of software. We can definitely do it but it would be extra. Contact us to discuss your needs.

How much disk space or gigabytes do you include?

Unlimited, but there are certain restrictions, for example, we don’t allow video or music files. You can have pdf files as long as they’re legal.

I already have a website, if I move it with you does the plan price decreases?


Can I use my own theme or design with you?

In 99% of the cases, yes. If you already have the php files, or if you bought a theme from a 3rd party, we would need to take a look first. But in the majority of cases, yes, we will be able to use your theme or design.

Does the price decrease if I use my own theme or design?

No, the price is not reduced if you use your own theme or design.

If I don’t use the updates I have each month, do they roll over to next month?


Why do the plans mention “Unlimited pages” but also “Initial number of pages”?

The initial number of pages is what we will design and create the website for you. After that, the client can add more pages if desired. We’ll teach you how to add pages after we finish your website.

Can I host more than 1 website per plan?

No, our plans are not made for reselling or developers. If you’re a business owner that need more than 1 website you’ll have to buy more than 1 plan.

What happens after I make my payment?

We start working our magic. We install everything that is required and we keep you updated every step of the process. We’ll contact you in case we need information such as domain name options and/or credentials to your other accounts.

How can your websites and web management be so cheap? What’s the catch?

There’s none. We save money by working in our homes, coworking and public spaces. We save money in everything we can, to pass these savings to our clients.

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